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Working at Flipside Crypto - Decode Blockchain Behaviours

Mihaela Popa

28 Jun 2022

4 min read

Working at Flipside Crypto - Decode Blockchain Behaviours
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Flipside Crypto is a US-based data analytics startup that provides business intelligence for blockchain organizations. Discover the team behind Flipside, learn more about what they do, and what it is like working with the twisty world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Flipside enables blockchains to live up to their full potential, by decoding and explaining blockchain behaviours. Their proprietary Chainwalker technology extracts critical data from blockchain nodes and applies labels to addresses in order to identify and understand on-chain behaviours. The data is then streamed into their Business Intelligence toolkit, to provide a clear view of real-time stakeholder behaviours and asset flows.

Flipside provides analytics to more than 80 blockchain organizations and distributes it’s FCAS ratings product via partners such as CoinMarketCap, Messari, MarketWatch and TheStreet, among many others. Flipside Crypto is backed by True Ventures, Founder Collective, CoinBase Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Galaxy Digital, and other investors.

2020 has been a significant year of foundational growth for Flipside Crypto. To accelerate this growth in 2021 the company has big plans to expand the team: check out their open roles here!

What is it like to work at Flipside Crypto?


Flipside Crypto provides blockchains with unparalleled intelligence into the behaviours driving the activity of their networks via their business intelligence toolkit. This toolkit allows them to make data-driven decisions in how they govern and grow their networks.

Their FCAS product is a unique scoring system that provides a consistent framework for measuring the health of blockchain projects. This adds a level of clarity for blockchain organizations, allowing them to pinpoint areas of their network and ecosystem that need improvement.

Beyond FCAS, their Console and CoOp products provide a deeper level of insight into what users are doing, where they’re coming from and the behaviours that are driving growth. This intelligence serves as a guidepost for data-driven decision making and a transparent means to showcase on-chain data with the larger community.

flipside product.png


The Flipside Engineering team has extensive experience across data pipelining, distributed databases and at-scale web applications. Across the stack, the team works with an exciting mix of technologies including, ReactJS, Typescript and Go on the application side, as well as Python, Kafka, and Spark within Data Engineering. On top of that, many blockchains are building direct integrations into the Flipside platform, which provides an exciting opportunity to get your hands dirty with a variety of languages from Scala, to Rust for example. This is a great opportunity to work with a scalable, modern stack of technology alongside a team of experienced technologists.

Check out their open roles here!


Flipside’s culture can be distilled into four values, relentlessness, authenticity, trust and responsibility. These values are not meant to be aspirational, but a realistic summary of the way the team works and carries themselves every day. Given the nascentness of the industry, Flipside is typically solving problems that no one else in the world has faced. As a result, there isn’t always a typical playbook or answer. This requires individuals to be relentless in the face of difficult challenges, and take responsibility for solving the problem at hand. The team trusts each other to own their work to completion, which provides a lot of room for autonomy and ownership. They are a small, remotely distributed company that provides the flexibility to work from anywhere in the US.


flipside team.png

Flipside Crypto is led by a team of experienced technology entrepreneurs with experience across various stages of company growth and multiple successful exits. The team is composed of a cast of characters with diverse backgrounds from data science and product to engineering and design, all gathered around the common goal of helping blockchain organizations succeed.

Meet Jim Myers, CTO at Flipside Crypto

CTO Flipsie jim.jpg

Jim has been an active participant in the blockchain ecosystem for many years, from writing smart contracts during the pre-mainnet days of Ethereum to launching Flipside in 2017. Prior to founding Flipside, Jim worked across various stages of company growth, as an early team member at Smarterer, through acquisition by Pluralsight and rapid scale enroute to IPO. Jim has extensive experience working across the technology stack from machine learning-based R&D challenges to data engineering, and at-scale web applications. He loves building impactful products with talented groups of engineers that continuously challenge each other. Outside of Flipside, his passion for building extends to the broader startup community as an angel investor to several local startups including LinkSquares and Broadlume (formerly AdHawk).

Learn about Jim’s view on the state of blockchain and building Flipside here.

Why should you work at Flipside

Answers from the team:

“The ability to work on the bleeding edge of data vis and React, mixing aspects of UI development and creative coding, as well as the experimental dev culture is why I love Flipside. The challenge of taking raw data and writing code to turn that data into pixels that tell a story is immensely gratifying.”

  • Bryan Cinman, Full Stack Engineering

“Before Flipside, I worked for an ad network that collected essentially 3 metrics - views, clicks, and installs - all from our own internal applications. We had scale, but the metrics themselves were simple and straightforward.

I jumped at the chance to join Flipside because building an analytics framework for an evolving ecosystem like crypto was all uncharted territory.

Blockchain data is inherently unfriendly to the aggregate analytics work we're trying to do -- its fundamental data structures need to be turned inside out, decoded, and normalized before you can even think about metrics, trends, and characterizing user behaviour.

Every day stretches you for thinking about what to measure and how.”

  • Dan Kleiman, Data Engineering

“Taking raw, encoded blockchain data and transforming it into standardized sets of tables and metrics is a challenge that constantly forces me to improve as an engineer. Every new blockchain we investigate has its own quirks and your assumptions are constantly being challenged. I learn something new every day. Combine that with working on a small team that allows me to have a lot of ownership and flexibility in how I get my work done, it truly is a rewarding experience.”

  • Brian Ford, Data Engineering

Sounds interesting so far? Find out more about what Flipside is doing by applying here to their available jobs.

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